Hey There!

A little bit about me

I love backpacking

I love knitting.... I know, it surprises me too

I love tattoos and wish I had a dozen more

I love my family (even though teenagers can drive one crazy)

I love my David Austin Rose garden

I love life and all that is

...and finally, I absolutely LOVE photography

A little more about me

The truth is, I hate being in front of a camera. Its one of my biggest insecurities... that's why I fight tooth and nail to be behind it! :) 

I feel, because of this quirk of mine, I tend to care for my clients comfort and try and help them be at ease during our sessions more than most. I find that encouraging authentic interactions with the ones you love tend to result in the most magical of moments.


I moved to the San Juan Islands from Oregon eighteen years ago looking for a town with a big heart and a beautiful view. Finding it on Lopez Island, I've settled in with a community of quirky personalities, amidst a plethora of artists.  I've fit right in and found the love of my life, and together, we're raising three true little Lopezians. An ideal life?...  Possibly. 

2108 Fisherman Bay Rd. Lopez Island, WA 98261          360 728 9017

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